At Elinvar we believe that the team makes the difference. But how? Find out in our interview with Sam Love, Director Product, who has been part of the Elinvar team since the early days.


Elinvar: Today, employers increasingly advertise with their distinct working culture – not just to attract new employees, but also to promote their product. How would you define the term ‘working culture’?

Sam: Working culture is about the people – it is our collective attitude towards what we do, how we work together, what we believe and what we value. Every person in the organization contributes to the working culture and plays a role in defining and developing the environment and dynamics that shape the business.


How would you describe the working culture at Elinvar and how does it translate into your everyday life?

We have a very international culture that is remarkably open. While we are predominantly a tech company (evidenced by the Star Wars figurines on the ‘book’ shelves), I am often impressed by how easily different parts of the business interact and show a genuine curiosity for what others do and how we can work together better. For a relatively young company (our 2 year anniversary was in July) there is a feeling of maturity and stability, although that comes with a good dose of laughter and our fair share of (constructive!) chaos – everyone wears multiple hats and there is very much an attitude of ‘doing what is needed to get it done’. We work in a serious business, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!


People with more than 20 different nationalities make up the Elinvar team – how do you make use of that diversity in your daily work as a Director?

There are definite challenges when it comes to working with a group of people with different languages, experiences, and expectations. It takes work to make it ‘work’ but the benefits are enormous. Working closely with people from all over the world brings diverse thought, deliberate empathy and opens a broader set of options for consideration when it comes to identifying opportunities to improve how we are working together, how we tackle a problem and how we innovate. It encourages us to be mindful and thoughtful about how we interact with the people around us and considerate of why someone might respond in a certain way.

The opportunity to learn from each and every member of the team is something that I value very highly, and this is increasingly becoming part of Elinvar’s DNA.

Sam Love, Director Product


As Director Product at Elinvar you are working with a diverse team from the finance and tech sector. Love at first sight or love with obstacles?

Love at first sight! It is at the intersection of these two disciplines that value is created and we benefit enormously from the expertise that exists in the business across the two sectors.
On a personal level, I really enjoy the diversity of people, opinions, and experiences that Elinvar offers – not just in the fields of finance and tech. The opportunity to learn from each and every member of the team is something that I value very highly, and this is increasingly becoming part of Elinvar’s DNA.
Before joining Elinvar you worked with Quantium, a large data and analytics consultancy in Sydney, Australia. How was that different from your experience in Berlin?

Apart from the fact that the product is in German? Strangely, not as much as you would think!
Like Quantium in the early days, Elinvar is a small business that is growing quickly -facing many of the same opportunities and challenges. The two businesses share a ‘get things done’ attitude, complexity (in a good way), data driven products and an ambitious team whose potential grows with the company. In both Australia and in Berlin, I have been very fortunate to work with great clients and partners who recognize the need and benefits of digitalization and the impact that will have on their businesses as they become leaders in their respective industries.
Elinvar, of course, has a single platform focus, which is different from consulting and is at a very different stage of growth – there are also cultural (and climatic!) differences, no harbor views in Berlin but the city itself makes up for it.


One last word – what makes the Elinvaristas tick?

Learning, getting things done, working with cutting-edge technology and being part of an awesome team!